Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for Men

The recent research on the treatment of hormonal imbalance has shown a great relevance in solving hormonal problems in men. Bioidentical hormone therapy for men was developed due to the increasing hormonal problems faced by men. Bioidentical hormone is the artificial method of treating hormone related problems in the body. This can be done by increasing or replacing necessary hormones in the human body.

Bioidentical Hormone – An Overview

The implementation of bioidentical hormone was formally thought to be specific for women. Women who are in their menopause use this procedure to help and improve their daily lives. So far, this method has proved to be successful in all avenues. It is more reliable than using hormone medicine which could have side effects on the patient.
Hormone imbalance in men has resulted in the development of many chronic diseases and loss of life. Bioidentical hormone for men is designed to help men who are advanced in age and are getting weak, to live longer and stronger.

Unlike women, men do not have many cases when it comes to hormone imbalance. Men have shown to have hormonal imbalance related to the following hormones;
• Testosterone

• Estradiol


• Prolactin

How bioidentical hormone therapy works in men

A Body LogicMD physician is responsible for evaluating the signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance. The following are the basic bioidentical hormone therapy procedures;

• The physician makes a total review of symptoms to know the hormone level of the patient.

• A test is conducted using the urine, saliva or blood of the patient.

• The step of hormonal balance is performed.

• The patient is introduced to proper supplement for the lacking hormone.

• Fitness programs are organized for the patient.

• Good nutrition is provided to the patient.

• Reduction of stress is advanced.

It is advised that men who are involved in bioidentical hormone therapy should consistently visit the doctor for proper guide lines from the beginning of the therapy till the end.

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