Hypothyroidism in Men – Treatment and symptoms

Men need an active thyroid gland for the production of thyroid hormones. These hormones help in digestion and other basic body functionalists. Hypothyroidism in men occurs when the thyroid gland does not produce enough of its hormone needed for a proper or adequate functioning of the body.

In men, the thyroid gland is located at the neck region, just below the Adam’s apple. Some of the causes of hypothyroidism in men include;

Some causes of hypothyroidism in men

• Reaction to wrong medications

• Medical treatments of some illness

• A direct harm or damage to the thyroid gland

Men who are affected by hypothyroidism show different symptoms. There are still basic symptoms that are associated to men with this defect.

Basic symptoms for hypothyroidism in men


When a man shows signs of either mental or physical fatigue, there might be a possibility that there is a defect in the production of thyroid hormones in his body.

Digestive problems:

Most men who are affected by hypothyroid have problems with digestion of food. This might be caused by the difficulty experienced when food particle passes through the neck region.

Mood change:

There are issues of mood change associated with men which are affected with this defect. This attitude is caused due to the insufficient production of thyroid hormone which is one of the mood affecting hormones in the human body.

Skin change:

Men who are affected might show changes in skin color. This is noticed mostly in the neck and chest region of the body.

Weight Gain:

Hypothyroidism in men causes an increase in weight even when the affected man is not adding any calories to his body.

Treatment for Hypothyroidism in men

There is a total cure for hypothyroidism. This is possible by using specific thyroid hormone medicine. There can also be a hormone replacement, which is man made, but it has proved to be the most effective method of treating hypothyroidism in men.

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