Men and mustache – how it affects men

Mustache has numerous ways of which it affects men. the kind of of mustache a man wears tells so much about him. There has been incidence in the old generations where prominent men are recognized by the kind of mustache the keep. Scientists like Isaac Newton and great writers like Williams Shakespeare, were know to keep a particular kind of mustache because of their influences to their field of study. Considering this factor, it is clear that mustache and men have come a long way to this our present generation.

In our modern generation the number of men seen on mustache is not as it used to be in the past generations. It is very common to see men who prefer to shave their mustache than to keep it for any reason. There might be some reasons why men keep mustache, let view a few of them;


Most men keep mustache I other to create a personality for themselves. These men preface to be picked out of many men in appearance by the symbol of mustache.


Because of the desire for respect, most men keep mustache. This might be to create a fare full impression on the mind of anyone who comes across them. For such men, mustache holds a powerful appearance to others.

To attract women:

some women melt when they see men with mustache. This attitude makes most men keep mustache in other to be appreciated and admired by these set of ladies.


Most men who are judges and professor keep their mustache because it fit and looks appropriate for the occupation.

Societies and peer groups:

As a symbol must societies instruct their members to keep mustache, the reason might be to differentiate a particular society from another one. Peer groups might also decide to keep mustache as a symbol between friends.

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