Do women like hairy men?

The issue of women liking hairy men depends on the type of woman. Most women will melt at the sight of a hairy man, while others will puke to it. Naturally men are meant to be hairy in some paths of the body, while it is abnormal for a man to keep hairs in some paths too.

Some women think that a man looks un kept if he keeps hair in the face or his arm pit, while others do not care about it. Women when asked of their opinion about this had many opinions to give. Below is the statistic of what women think about men keeping hairs in different parts of the body;

Opinion of different women on men keeping hair

Hair on the Face:

This is very common in most men. Women when asked what they felt about a man keeping hair within the facial region, there was a big divers of answers. About 40% of the women will approve a man with beards while 50 percent says no to that. About 10 percent do no mind, for them it does not matter.

Hair on the Chest:

According to research 70% of women like men with hairs on their chest. But not the very a bushy one which can be combed or need hair treatment, no. They desire a man with soft and light hair on the chest.

Arm pit hair:

Almost every woman hates the sight of a hairy arm pit. When asked what they feel, most women prefer to shack their head in disapproval than to comment on it.

Hair at the back:

According to the women, this is a very wrong place for a man to grow hair. Women love to feel the coves in the back of their man than to feel the rough texture of hairs. Women do not feel comfortable having an affair with men with this feature.

It is very important for one to know that a man’s meat might be another man’s poison. Most women do not feel comfortable with hairy men and some does, it all about self decision.

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