Bald head in Men – Causes and Treatment

Bald head is a common hair loss effect that affects most men. Men, who are affected, have many challenges on how to handle or cope with this effect. In the United States alone, research shows that roughly over 40 million men are affected with baldness. This statistics shows that at least one third of the population of men in the United States are affected with this effect. Most men who are affected are more than 30 years of age, while few fall below 30 years. Bald head in men is one effect that should be carefully considered. This is because of the difficulties and uncomfortable situations that might result in bald head in men.

Types of baldness in Men

• Traction alopecia:

This affects men as a result of excessive pulling of the hair with extreme force.

• Trichotillomania:

This is normally seen in children, and it is also caused by pulling the hair. This might also result to bleeding in the head.

• Traumas:

This can be caused during child birth or major surgery, and it manifests its self at an early stage.

Causes of baldness in men

Age factor:

From research, the older men are affected more, compared to the younger ones. The more one grows the higher the risk of being affected by baldness.

Iron deficiency:

It has been found that lack of iron or deficiency of iron in men might lead to baldness.

Radiation on the hair slap:

Due to radiation, especially from the sun, most men have been affected by baldness. These radiations make the slap of the hair weak and hair starts to dropping.

Sex hormones:

The malfunctioning of a very powerful sex hormone known as DHT can lead to baldness. It has not been confirmed scientifically how this hormone causes baldness, but it is a proven fact that men who are baled have a problem with this hormone.

Treatment of baldness in men

There has not been much success when it comes to the treatment baldness. The only two medicines know for now are propecia and minoxidil.
Stress reduction is another way found through researcher that can help to reduce baldness in men.

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