Avoid Shaving Bumps – What You Can Do

The use of blades for shaving has many side effects; one of these effects is shaving bumps. These effects are common with the Africa – American men, but can also be seen in other men in few cases. Due to the importance of proper shaving in every man, there is a great need that men understand and avoid shaving bumps.

Shaving gives men a smart and good looking presence. Most people rate men by the way they shave and keep their beards neat and clean. Men who experience the side effects of shaving do not obey or follow the rules needed for a healthy and smooth shaving.

Instructions on how to prevent bumps

Change your shaving attitude:

Different men use different methods or techniques of shaving. This is dependent on the direction at which the hair or beards grow. Shaving should be done in the direction of the hair growth. This will reduce friction on the surface of the skin and bumps as well.

Wet the face before shaving:

Tough skin, when shaved causes bumps. Wetting the face before shaving makes the skin soft. This also makes the surface of the skin holding the face weak and gives rise to the smooth shaving of hair.

Use proper or effective shaving cream:

Most shaving cream does not react well to the face of many men. If a man gets reaction or bumps while using a particular shaving cream, it is advised that he change the product and go for a better one.

Take care of your Blade:

Do not use your blade more than expected. Try as much as possible to sterilize your blade to avoid contamination.

Use good after shave products:

Aftershaves are meant to protect the face from bacteria that might be contacted in one way or the other while shaving. It is very important that men go for quality after shave products if they desire to avoid bumps.

Any man who is in a quest to prevent, control or eliminate bumps should simply follow the above instructions, and then your shaving will be smooth and healthy.

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