Menopause in Men – What you need to Know

Just like women, men experience a stage in their lives when there is a decrease in some hormones in their body. This stage is known as menopause stage. Menopause in men is not as complicated as it is in women; they live a normal life with good metabolism of the body but just with lower efficiency.

Menopause in men is known as andropause or vigropause. In men, the hormone testosterone is low, and being the most effective of all the hormones in the male body, many behaviors changes in a man. Some people call this stage aging; this is because it is experienced when a man is getting older. Diseases like cancer and diabetes can also result in the low level of testosterone in a man. But these diseases have a more harsh effect on a man than the effects of menopause.

Symptoms of menopause

Low sexual desire:

Men are known to be more reactive when it comes to sex, but men in their menopause stage loose that sex drive.


Men, who are in their menopause stage, no more have the ability to impregnate a woman. This is because of the low level of testosterone.

Swollen breast:

Due to the low level of testosterone, men in their menopause stage have swollen breast.

Smaller testes:

The testes of these set of men begins to shrink and gets smaller in size.

Small body structure:

The bones get dry and tiny. This structure gives them a smaller size.

Hair loss:

Due to the inactive production of certain hormones, men in their menopause stage loss hair from their parts of their body.

Less spontaneous erection:

These men become less active sexually that it is difficult to have spontaneous erection.

Menopause in men is a challenging time for every man. Men should endeavor to understand the changes in the body in order to take proper care of their self during this stage.

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