Why do Men Avoid Marriage?

It is obvious that men of this generation are afraid to tie knots with a woman. This can be observed by the reaction of most ladies, even on the internet, women are asking this single question; why do men avoid marriage? Most men will not mind a simple relation or a fling with a woman, but when situation gets serious, it turns the other way round.

There are situations where a man will even champion the cause of a relationship, doing everything possible to stay with women. Once the woman says yes, and things are moving towards settling down, the man becomes scared and starts drifting away from the woman.
When asked about this attitude, different men gave different opinion on what might be responsible for this attitude. Some of the reasons given by men include;

Some reasons why men run avoid marriage

Fare of not being free:

Most men mentioned the fact that once married a man is not allowed to do what he wishes to do. It used to be that a man eats what he wants to eat, go where he wants to go, but once married; it has to be a two people decision. If your woman does not buy the idea, you will never do anything.

Fear of responsibility:

Once married, a man has to think and cater not only for him but for the family. Gone are the days where he can just buy pizza every night for dinner, he now has to provide food for a home. Most men think this attitude is scary to approach.

Women problems:

Some men are afraid that they will face women issues once married. The issue of women always wanting company, complaining about their feeling etc, is a fact to ponder on. Most men just think that it is a distraction and some times it might be frustrating in some women.

It is an individual thing when it comes to why men avoid women. It can be said that the issue of marriage is embraced with different attitudes depending on the man.

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