Men Age Better than Women – Is it true?

The phenomenon of aging difference between the male and the female gender have always been an issue for a long time. While some people believe men age well than women, others say it is the other way round. But the principal factor to consider here is the changes between men and women as they advance in age. Let’s consider the parts of the body that are mostly affected in a man and a woman when they are aging;

Basic changes seen in women as they advance in age

• Wrinkles in the face
• Sagging of the breast
• Sagging of the stomach due to pregnancy and child birth
• Weaker muscles and bones
• Extreme menopause stage
• Colored face caused by make up

Basic changes seen in men as the advance in age

• Wrinkled face
• Pot belly in some men
• Weak bones and muscles

Considering the changes seen in both men and women as they advance in age, one might say that women are affected more with age than men.

Factors that contribute to aging in women

Child birth:

The body of a woman experiences lots of changes during and after child birth. The stomach of a woman, due to extensions (caused by pregnancy), experiences a deformation, and as she ages it tends to sag. This contributes greatly to the aging of a woman.

Nursing of babies:

Women, who nurse babies with breast milk, experience changes in the size of the breast. This is due to sucking by the baby. This creates a great physical change in women as they grow old.

Application of make up:

Due to the application of make up by a woman at a young age, she experiences effects on her face. This might be due to the reactions of chemical used in the preparation of the make up.

Change in hormones:

There are numerous hormones which are associated with a woman. These hormones changes in the way they react as she grows older. This is one major reason why women go through menopause in their old age.

It is also possible that the issue of men aging better than woman can be related to the individual differences between people. They way people take care of them self will also determine how they age.

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