Reasons Why Men change after Marriage

To be married comes with so many challenges which can result in a total change in the attitude and character of a man. Men change after marriage because of many factors which comes into play in their daily live with their partners. Most men are influenced both physical and psychological manner after marriage.

To answer the question of why men change after marriage, one has to consider a man’s life before marriage. When single, a man can live a free life and he does not owe anyone explanation or permission on the way he lives his life. It becomes different once he is married. His attitude has to be in accordance to the will and agreement between him and his wife.

Major factors responsible for changes in men when married

Added responsibility:

The added responsibility a man experiences when married can go a long way to affect his usual life. When married, a man concentrates on how to build his home, provide for them and make them happy. He prefers this to hanging out with friends and indulging in his hobbies. This issue can make a man seem moody if things are not working towards his achieving his goal.

Fear of ruining his marriage:

Most men when married are careful in everything they do in order not to ruin their marriage. This attitude influences the way they deal with their friends and relations. There might be fear that things may not turn out well. This makes men change most attitudes that they are used to before marriage, which might lead to marriage failure.

Fear of parenthood:

Considering the challenges involved in one being a parent, some men are terrified with the thoughts of being a father. Before marriage this issue seems to be unreal, but once married, the reality starts to unfold. This fact might change a man’s behavior even to his wife.

To overcome the changes a man experiences after marriage, men has to acquire a good knowledge of marriage. This will save them the problems of changes after marriage.

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