Domestic Violence – How it affects Men

Above 50% of the families in the United States of America are facing domestic violence. There are numerous issues which can result in domestic violence, from infidelity to financial problems, but how does these issues affect men and their daily lives? A man as the head of the family is always affected when things go wrong within his home. Most men who are experiencing violence domestically have experienced instability in most aspects of their life.

Most people always think of women as the most affected and vulnerable when it comes to home or domestic violence. It is true that most women have been victims and have had negative effects because of this issue, but it does not still wave the fact that men are also affected in these violence.

Some effects of domestic violence on men


Due to the pains of domestic violence, most men submit to depression. This overwhelms the attitude of a man totally causing dramatic changes in a man.

Loss of concentration:

There have being incidents reported where men involve in road accident due to the problems they face in their homes. A man was reported dead due to road accident after fighting with his wife in the morning before leaving for work. This shows the extent domestic violence can affect the concentration of men.


Men, who experience violence in their homes, might think of committing suicide. Some men gets fed up with so many problems at home that they think of committing suicide. This might be an attempt to end their pains and instability.

Depreciating career:

Experiencing violence domestically can cause depreciation on the career of a man. This is caused by loss of interest and concentration on his job.

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