Men Body Language – How to know you are invited

To identify a particular movement or gesture of a man will save one the stress of pondering in your heart what he is thinking about you. Men body language is a simple way a man expresses himself. He might not even be aware of the exhibition of these gestures.

For a woman, it is very important to know and understand men body language. This is because; women always wonder if they are attracted to a man, it will be easier to answer this question with a good understanding of these movements. Men also have a need for proper understanding of this issue. The reason being, in understanding his body language a man can dictate when he has real and natural feelings for a woman.

Basic men body languages and what it means

Chest and shoulder leaning forward:

Whenever a man’s chest and shoulder is leaning towards, he is certainly interested. Even when his eyes are not set, his mind is totally interested. The next time a man’s shoulder or chest is pointing involuntarily on you, he is interested.

He flashes you an eyebrow:

This will only last for the slightest of a second, but it is a sure sign that a man is interested in you.

His lips part:

Once a man notices or sees what he likes, his lips tears apart. This is an acknowledgment to the interest felt inside of him.

He tries to draw your attention:

Sometimes this might look stupid, but it is true. If a man is interested, he can not hold the temptation of drawing your attention. This might be done by making unnecessary sound or doing some thing odd.

He tries to look his best in your presence:

This attitude includes the way he dresses, talks and even acts. This is another sure sign to dictate the interest of a man.

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