Why are Men Afraid of Intimacy in Relationships?

It is almost normal for a man to freak out when intimacy is mentioned. When a man goes out with a woman, as two people in a relationship, it always seems to be wonderful at the beginning until talks of intimacy comes up. The reason men gets afraid of intimacy can be said to be psychological. This is true because, most men do not show any sign of this fear until the moment there is an issue of intimacy with a woman.

It is a little difficult to pick out men afraid of intimacy, although by concentrating on his words and some characteristics shown by the man, one can identify. There are some basic characteristics that can be seen in men who have the possibility to be scared when it comes to intimacy, they include;

Characteristics of men who are afraid of intimacy

• He does not make plans with you for the future:

One can know men afraid of intimacy, if the man does not mention you in his future plans. Any man, who is in for a non serious relationship with a woman, does not make plans for the future keeping her in mind.

• He does not take you to meet relations or friends:

When a man brings a woman close to his family and friends, it means he wants something intimate. Watch out for men who do not want you to meet his family or friends, he might be afraid of intimacy.

• He always cares more about sex:

Intimacy involves every thing one can offer. If a man’s interest on a woman is centered on getting physical, he might be afraid for more serious things like intimacy.

• He does not care about your career

: Men interested in intimacy care about the career of their woman. If a man does not do anything to help your career or does not even talk about it, it’s a sign that he is one of the men afraid of intimacy.

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