Signs exhibited by Flirting Men

Most men have a great ability to hide their feelings. One true fact remains – no matter how good a man can hide his feelings, when it comes to flirting, he will give away some telltale signs.

He checks you out often

The reason why a man checks a woman out continuously is to satisfy his mind that she will be suitable to sleep with. Men who look at a woman from head to toe from time to time are flirting.

He looks in to your eyes for a long period of time
He wants you to know that he is checking you out, and he wants you to know as quickly as possible.

He prefers meeting you at home
Most flirting men do not like meeting in public. These men look for strategies that will generate opportunities to take advantage of a woman.

He raises his eyebrow when he looks at you
This is a sure sign of flirting in men. Men who flirt have a way of keeping things casual. By raising his eyebrow, he feels he is sending you a signal.

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