Men’s View on How to Express Love

The meaning of love is seen from different perspective by different men. To express love also differs in from man to man. Men often express their emotions differently than women do. Naturally, men are much better when it comes to hiding or not showing emotions.

A woman should understand the basic ways a man expresses his love. This will guide her in understanding different gestures made to her by a man. For a man, the phrase “I LOVE YOU” might be difficult to verbalize, but it does not mean that he doesn’t feel a strong love for you. Men very often will show their feelings in other ways.

Some ways a man shows his love

Buying gifts:
A man might find it very difficult to express his words vocally, but by buying gifts he shows affection and love.

Establishing constant communication a woman:
It is very difficult for a man to keep in touch constantly with a woman that he does not feel something for. One way a man shows his love is by constantly communicating with a woman. He may express his feelings better in writing than in person. He may tend to email or text his affections more than picking up a phone or speaking face to face with the woman he loves.

Showing concern in times of trouble:
Whether it is from the code of Chivalry, or something innate to man, he wants to protect his woman from harm and help comfort her is she is troubled. He might not feel comfortable to directly tell the woman but, any time problematic situations comes in her life, he will always be there.

Persistent support of career:
Men can only encourage or support the career of ones they love. It will be difficult for a man to show much concern to the career of a woman without having a feeling of love and care.

Huge desire for your company:

When a man always wishes or desires to be in the company of a woman, it is a sign that he is quietly telling her how much he loves her.

To express love, men do not always use words; they prefer to show it in their attitude towards the individual. For women, understanding these facts will result in a better appreciation of the men in their life.

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