What is Epilepsy – How it Affects Men

Research shows that one out of 200 people are liable to be affected by epilepsy. What is epilepsy? This is a condition that occurs when there is a distortion in the passage of electrical impulse to the brain. This distortion is caused by chemical imbalance or unstable chemical state in the body. This occurrence results in jerking and some abnormal electrical activity through the body, which ultimately results in seizure.

There is a higher risk of being affected by this defect compared with women. The possibility of being affected by epilepsy decreases with age. Seizure might occur once or twice in a man’s life time, due to the effects of his daily life or activities. When it continuously occurs for up to five years it is known as chronic epilepsy. This condition demands constant attention or it may result in deformation or other serious health hazards in the patient.

Causes of Epilepsy

The main cause of epilepsy is not yet known, but this defect has being linked with symptoms of cerebral effects. Other related cause of epilepsy includes;

• Brain infections
• Brain injuries
• Growth of tumor in the brain
• General brain damage

Epilepsy can also be a sign that damage was done to the brain during child birth. There are factors that enhance the effects of epilepsy in a man, some of these factors include;

Lack of sleep
• Stress
• Alcoholism
• Smoking

Diagnosis of epilepsy

• Close observation of the patient:

The behavior of a patient has to be observed to see or notice any changes that might be connected to the defect.

• Family history regarding epilepsy:

There are cases where epilepsy can be inherited. To diagnose patients, a record of their family history regarding this defect has to be considered.

• Cerebral Angiography:

This procedure is used to check for vascular abnormalities.

• Skull roentgenogram:

This test is used to check for fracture or injuries in the skull.

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