Eye Contact Skills – How it Affects Men

Small factors like eye contact skills have a great way of influencing the outcome of different situation. The understanding of this skill helps one to go beyond capturing the physical gestures of others; it will also help you read their mind. The advantage of this skill covers most aspects of human endeavor.

Different people have different interpretation to fixed eye contact. To some it might be embarrassing, while to others it shows a sign of confidence. Men who have a good skill of eye contact, makes right indications on people’s thoughts. By looking in the eye of an individual, it is easier to figure out what he or she has in mind.

Steps on how to acquire good eye contact skill

• Do not be nervous:

One of the greatest enemies of eye contact is nervousness. When one gets nervous, it will be very difficult to make a good eye contact. The first step in making good eye contact is avoiding nervousness.

• Be real:

Real attitude some times empower a person with the confidence he or she needs to face challenges. A real attitude makes you free and confident.

• Do not move the eye balls:

The movement of the eyeball from left to right may be understood to mean signs of insecurity, non- focused attitude or confusion.

• Do not stare:

Staring gives you away by making you lose attention. Once this happens, you can never have a good eye contact with the other person.

• Listen more:

A good listener establishes good eye contact. When one listens, he or she captures the mind of the speaker and focuses on the eyes of the speaker.

• Do not make reactions with your eyes:

When trying to make good eye contact with a person, a man should avoid reacting with the eyes. Instant reactions by drifting the eye balls away from the other party should be avoided. If you need to shift your eyes, do it quietly and swiftly and not sharply.

Acquiring proper eye contact skills can help in boosting your career. In situations like job interviews and also in your daily relationship with people, it will certainly make you stand out.

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