Factors that might lead to Engagement Failure

Engagement period between a man and a woman should be taken seriously as if they were married. During engagement, two people are meant to gain a good understanding of each other. The ushering of marriage between two people depends on the outcome of their engagement period. The failures encountered by engaged couple are based on similar factors.

In conquering the failures and disappointment of engagement, one has to understand fully what engagement represents. This understanding will empower you with the right attitude needed to overcome its challenges.

Basic factors that might lead to engagement failure

Avoid anxiety:

Most couples do not make it through their engagement period because they get over whelmed with anxiety while engaged. While engaged, one has to be as free as possible, do not be pessimist about your relationship and try not to exhibit any fear.

Exercise patience:

Nothing good comes easily, so one has to exercise patience during the time of engagement. The total understanding of a person demands time and persistence. Engaged couples should try to see their period of engagement as a trying and testing time that will define what their marriage will appear.

Communication is very important:

One might not know how much effects communication has on two people. Communication is a great tool to develop a better understanding. While engaged, couples should try to establish good communication between them. This will ensure that they share their feeling together at any time.

No assumptions:

People assuming during engagement have ended so many relationships from advancing into marriages. Questions should be asked when things seem unclear among couples rather than assuming.

Trust your pattern:

Perfection during engagement comes with the ability of couples to trust each other. When trust comes into play in any engagement, it shows a total belief and interest in the couple on the success of their relationship.

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