Why do Younger Men Date Older Women?

The issue of age variation when it comes to dating is now experienced more intensively in recent times. Younger men date older women because of different factors. In 2003, according to study and research, the percentage of older women married to younger men increased from 15% to 26% in the United Kingdom alone. This statistics shows how much closeness that is being established on a daily basis between men and women who are older in age.

It is observed that in situations where men date older women, there are common factors affecting the relationship. One observation made in this kind of relationship is the long lasting ability. It is a fact that relationships between younger men and older women lasts longer than when the ages are in proportion.

Factors that might lead to younger men dating older women

• Maturity:

There is a big gap between the maturity of a 35 years woman and a 25 years old woman. There might be an advantage of appearance over the older woman, but the mature attitude and composure is always an advantage on the side of the older woman. Some younger men are attracted to older women because of this factor.

• In dependency:

Younger men feel comfortable to the fact that older women are independent, so dating them seem less stressful and more comfortable.

• Genuine love:

There are less chances of infatuation when it comes to younger men dating older women. The level of experience acquired by these older women, gives them a right mind to love genuinely. On the contrary, younger women are filled with adventurous mind and might not give every thing when it comes to loving.

• Better sexual relationship:

This might also be related to the level of general experience of the older women. Some younger men feel they experience better sexual relationships with the older women.

• Influences:

There are higher possibilities of older women influencing younger men and convince these younger men into dating them. This might come in situation related to higher positions in the office, offering a helping hand when needed or sponsoring men in various aspect of life.

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