Practical Ways to Overcome Shyness

One of the major keys to unlock the doors of success or achievements in life is right attitude. Possessing a proper attitude in your daily life will take your destiny beyond the clouds. To overcome shyness is one of the greatest values one can inculcate in his or her life. Shyness is a force which hinders the potentials and abilities in you from surfacing in to light.

To overcome shyness requires physiological strength from an individual. In imploring this, one has to dig deep into him or herself for a better understanding of his or her abilities and his or her true nature. The effects shyness plants in the life of an individual, leaves a dangerous mark which can lead to an unfulfilled and uncomfortable life. This is why it is important for an individual to work on overcoming the attitude of shyness.

Factors that leads to shyness

Over consciousness of oneself:

People are affected by shyness when they become extra conscious of a particular situation. The human brain is a sensitive organ whose functioning can be altered by impulse or signals one activates. Over consciousness makes the brain work in a random situation, sending an uncomfortable impulse to the rest of the body. This reaction leads to shyness.

Irregular self – evaluation:

The thoughts of an individual reflect in his or her action or feelings, this is a psychological effect. The evaluation of yourself starts from you. People can only evaluate you from what you think of yourself. Shyness overwhelms a person when there is a negative or irregular evaluation of his or her abilities. The uncomfortable feeling that affects a person when shy is a product of negative evaluations of his or her self.

Low self-image:

Some people do not just see themselves being able to accomplish anything. The image they create for themselves are low and rejected images. These set of individuals find it difficult to fight the effect of shyness. Remember this, what ever image you paint of yourself about who you are, and you will act in accordance to the features of your image.

Wrong labeling of your self:

Most people have already labeled themselves shy. For this people, there is nothing one can do about it, they proudly embrace their shyness. This has a very negative effect to the ability of a person succeeding. What ever label is hanging on a person, is what he or she is known for and it is how he or she feels unless untagged or unlabelled.

Self – preoccupied:

This attitude is exhibited when one becomes over careful in what he or she is doing. This attitude activates anxiety in the mind of an individual. Shyness can only be experienced if there is any sense of un – comfort in a person.

Ways to overcome shyness

• Use you strengths:

Every body has an area where he or she shows more acumen. One should endeavor to find his or her strengths and use it to over power the force of shyness.

• Appreciate who you are:

Try to love and appreciate who you are. The more you appreciate and love yourself, the more you gain confidence to face shy situations.

• Visualize your confidence:

This will psychologically boost your confidence into confronting different situations.

• Open you heart to rejection:

When one is afraid of being rejected, he or she instigates a fear in his or her mind that might lead to shyness.

• Do not think yourself as perfect:

When one thinks he is close to perfection, it brings a feeling of uneasiness when he makes mistakes in a situation. Once this happens, there is an uneasy state of mind that follows.

One important thing to remember is that, to over come shyness is a physiological effect, and can be fully achieved by possessing the right mind set.

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