True Men Affection – The Signs and Signals!

The misconception people have about men’s affection is due to lack of understanding of what affection truly means to a man. The feelings of a man can be influenced by different circumstances affecting him at a particular moment. The degree of what a man feels, determines his outward reactions. Affection, as a word is not affiliated to men in most cases. Women tend to express affection in more ways than a man typically does.

It might seem very difficult to understand the affections of a man. This is because; naturally, a man prefers not to give away his emotions easily. But on close examination of his reactions and character, one can detect. Most people find it difficult to differentiate infatuation from true affection, or love from lust. Below are some ways through which men show true affection:

Ways that Men Show True Affection

He wants to be a friend:
Friendship means sticking together and sharing things in common. When a man exhibits qualities of true friendship with a person, it is a way of showing a true affection.

He wants to be involved in your affairs:
Men can also show true affection by a consistent desire to be involved in a person’s affair. By being involved, they show how much they care.

He wants to spend time with you:
This might be confusing because it is not every one who spends time with you shows you true affections. One can differentiate by the rapport created within this period. A man who has true affections always takes time to understand who you are and communicates more verbally with you.

He feels safe with you:
Men only feel safe and comfortable with people they have affections for. When he is comfortable with you and shares his inner thoughts and needs with you, you know he has deep affections for you.

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