Why Men are intimidated by Beautiful Women

Situations were men are intimidated by beautiful women is previewed with diverse interpretation. Most intimidation experienced by men in their life time comes from women. It is not normal for a man to freak out at the mere sight of a beautiful woman. When this happens, it is always seen as limitations on the part of the man. Let’s consider factors that might lead to this effect.

Factors which contributes to intimidation of men by beautiful women

Low self-esteem:

This factor is common with most men who get intimidated at the sight of a beautiful woman. Men with low self –esteem lose courage when they meet beautiful women.

Unsuccessful career:

Men who are not successful with their career do not have the confidence to approach or face beautiful women. This lack of confidence might be caused by a difference in success level between the man and the woman.

Inability of a man to express him self:

If there is an inability for a man to express him self, then he might get intimidated by beautiful women. Expression is very important when it comes to dealing with a woman. Men who find it difficult to express them selves simply stay away from beautiful women.


This factor affects men easily. Due to one factor or the other, if a man feels guilty, he might be very uncomfortable to stand in the presence of a beautiful woman.

Ways to deal with intimidating effects

Be your self:

Most men who take another personality to approach women, finds it difficult to continue when it matters the most. This might be caused by lack of inconsistency on the part of the man. This inconsistency is a result of lots of fake efforts put to please a woman.

Watch your dressing:

On the first approach to any woman, the first thing she looks at is your dress. This is a starting point where her assessment begins.

Be courageous:

Courage is not lack of fear but acting in spite of fear. A man should learn to exhibit a courageous attitude when situation of intimidation tends to surface.

One important thing to note is, “men intimidated by beautiful women” is a psychological effect. The more you give in to it the more it affects you. A man should stand his ground in an approach to a woman.

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