Circumcision – Its Effects on Men

Circumcision is practiced by majority of the cultures and religion existing in the world today. The knowledge and intention behind this practice lies in the mind of those who practice it. There is no generalization on the practice of circumcision among the people who practice it. People have different reasons why they circumcise their male child. Some religion sees circumcision as a mandatory decision for every member. Christianity, Judaism and Islamic religion see this practice as a covenant between God and man.

The W.H.O (World Health Organization) estimates that 30% of the males living in this planet are circumcised. There are controversies relating to the issue of circumcision. Some people have spoken openly that circumcising male children is a dirty practice and should be stopped because it is a violation to human rights. On the contrary, this practice has been seen from a positive perspective by other people. Some of the positive effects that have been associated with circumcision include;

Some advantages of circumcision

Circumcision reduces the risk of HIV:

From the research from the Joint United Programme on HIV/AIDS 2007 and Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it is known that circumcision greatly reduces the risk of one acquiring HIV.

Circumcision limits urinary infections in babies:

In children, there are circumstances where a baby might be infected with urinary infections. It has been observed that circumcision reduces the risk of babies being affected by urinal infection.

Circumcision prevents the infection of Balanitis:

This is an inflammation effect that occurs in men. It is known that circumcision helps to prevent this infection.

The issue of circumcision is a personal decision which has to be made by an individual or parents depending on the situation. The fact still remains, whether one is circumcised due to religious belief or by mere self decision, circumcision should be considered strictly before it is performed.

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