Blood Cancer – Causes and Symptoms

One of the diseases that is regarded as a killer disease is blood cancer. This disease affects the blood cells. Once affected, an abnormality in the functioning of blood cells is seen in the patient. The risk of dying of blood cancer depreciated within the last two decades. This is because of the advanced technology now used in the treatment of Blood cancer.

There is no age barrier at which blood cancer affects one, although it is rare to see children who are affected by this disease. There are three types of blood cancer:

• Leukemia

• Lymphoma

• Multiple Myeloma

Causes of Blood Cancer

The type of blood cancer one is affected with depends on the cause. This means that different causes result in different types of Blood cancer.

Causes of Leukemia

For us to understand the cause of Leukemia, we have to first understand how a blood cell functions in humans. A cell lives and functions for a period of time. After which it dies and a new one is formed. The white blood cell, red blood cells and the plasma are the major cells in the blood.

Leukemia is an abnormal white blood cell that is formed by the bone marrow. Unlike the other normal cells, it does not die; but it clusters around the other cells and makes it difficult for them to function.

Causes of Myeloma

This results when there is gene abnormality. This is caused by the swapping of two chromosomes sectionally. This type of cancer affects the older people.

Causes of Lymphoma

This is caused by abnormal white blood cells. This abnormality occurs when there is a mutation in white blood cells responsible for fighting infections. This type of Blood cancer affects the young adults.

Symptoms of Blood cancer

There are symptoms common to the three type of blood cancers. Some symptoms are also specific for a type of blood cancer. Some common symptoms are:

• Experience of weight loss

• Fatigue

• Bleeding of gum

• Experiencing too much of sweating during night time

• Less frequent urinating

• Difficulty while urinating

Symptoms of leukemia is specifically weakness in the joint regions. There can also be difficulty in breathing. In the case of Lymphoma, the patient experiences swollen neck, or groin.

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