Proper Male Parenting – How it Affects the Kids

There are many factors that affect a child’s growth. Some of those could be heredity, health, food habits, and family and surroundings. Even though all these factors are equally important in a child’s growth, the last one, family and surroundings play a very important role.

It is the responsibility of a parent to give a child proper family. Just like how the plants require proper soil and water to bear the best results, kids need good parenting. This is not only to provide them with the means of survival but also guide them to become a better person. Most male parents do not take this role seriously. It’s a kid’s parents who understand what’s best for them. This is because of the total dependence on them as parents. If male parents fail to understand this fact as a responsibility, then who else would give a strong guidance to the children?

In a new study conducted by Academics at the University of Newcastle, they concluded that, there is a correlation between the amount of time fathers spend with their children and its affect on the level of IQ they develop.

Factors that affects male parenting

Job intensity:

The intensity of the job of a male parent has a great deal of influence on his kids. The more demanding a man’s job is, more the time he stays away from his kids. Men are advised to concentrate more on the welfare of their children than on their jobs.


Most men have a nonchalant attitude towards their children because of their character. Soft and caring men understand the importance of spending more time with their children.


Some culture believes that it is the responsibility of the woman alone to care for the children. Men who are born in these cultures have this mentality and they transfer this attitude to their kids.

Educational background:

Most uneducated men lack the ability of male parenting. Education has a way of exposing one to the importance of child care.

However, the society sees a child’s upbringing as the responsibility of a woman. It is proper for men to know that the effects of male parenting have a long way to improve the quality of a child.

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