Basic Definition of Conscience and Concept

By definition, conscience means the inner sense of what is wrong or right. The understanding of the concept of conscience is as important as life it’s self. Every human being who does not posses the ability to hear and understand his or her conscience is said to have a defect.

Conscience can also be defined as an inner voice that whispers in the heart of an individual telling you what is right and what is wrong.
Every action or attitude taken by an individual is evaluated by his or her conscience to ascertain its level of goodness. The ability of one to listen and understand his or her conscience grows naturally in every human being. This explains why people experience what is known as guilty conscience when they do wrong thing.

How to detect your conscience

In the mind of every human being, voices are heard from time to time. How does one differentiate these voices in other to know the voice that comes from his or her conscience? The following are signs to detect the conscience;

The conscience speaks softly:

The voices that speak to the mind of an individual are of a different pitch. The conscience is usually soft and calm. If one does not listen well, he or she might not hear the conscience speak.

The conscience is your true self:

It is said that one can lie to others, but can not lie to his or her self. The conscience is that voice that reveals your true self without conditions or considerations. The truth about your self is always revealed by the conscience.

The conscience does not compromise:

Most voices one hears in his or her mind tend to paint compromising pictures of situations, but the conscience opens up the exact circumstance without compromise.

It is always advised that one listens to and understands his or her conscience. The one voice that can help you make right decision is your conscience. The definition of conscience in the life of every human being should be defined and understood for a better living.

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