Resolution of Marriage Conflict

There is every possibility that differences will arise between couples; these mismatches are obvious because of the difference in the personality between a man and his wife. It is not abnormal if couples have marriage conflict, but the problem is the ways of resolution. There are situations where couples end their marriage lives because of their inability to resolve conflict.

In marriage, there are certain basic factors couples have to bear in mind. The understanding of these basic factors can keep them together through their married life. It is very important for couples to know these facts;

• A couple is composed of different characteristics or character and can only live together through understanding.

• The process of understanding one another takes time and patience.

• Humility is a basic tool for any marriage to work out.

• Do not let intruders interfere with your marriage affairs.

• Assumption is a marriage destroyer, try to avoid it. Do not assume, but be sure before you act.

• Marriage is a process, it is only dedicating to it that will see you through.

Understanding the above listed facts will help one face marriage conflict in a positive direction. This will also enhance a better solution to different problematic situations in a marriage.

Few ways to approach marriage conflict

Take time to understand the problem:

Most couples jump in to resolving marriage problems without understanding the real situation. The problem might be very simple to resolve, but due to limited understanding, it might seem to be bigger than it really is.

Couples should try to resolve their problems themselves:

In most cases, marriage conflicts are made worst because of intervention from other parties. It will be better if couples learn to resolve these issues amongst themselves.

Be humble, no matter the situation:

Knowing the fact that marriage should be a life time journey, couples should learn to be humble especially when it comes to handling marriage conflicts.

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  1. my relationship got broken because the lack of communitcation, so when i read these tip i got some experiences. it is great. i still love my girl and i want her back to marry.

  2. what is your advice?

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