Should women propose?

Have you ever thought of situations – a woman admires a man, but she keeps it to her self because she thinks it is not in the nature of a woman to go first? There are different consequences to this act. When it comes to proposing, we all know that it is the man who is supposed to propose, but what if he does not make the move. Should women propose in this kind of situations?

Why should women propose?

Think of a situation where a woman lives her entire life with the thoughts that she should have married a particular man. A woman who is sure of affection for a man and does not show it might as well lose him. There might be possibilities that a man does not see things the way you do, and proposing to him might make him see things clearer.

We can not doubt situations where a man loves a woman but does not find the right words or courage to propose. If a woman senses this and truly loves him, it might make a huge difference if she proposes.

Why women do not propose

Women are afraid to lose their prestige:

Most women think that proposing a man will make them inferior and less significant. Due to the mentality already existing in the mind of women, they feel belittled when they propose.

Women are afraid of rejection:

Most women do not want to propose because they are scared of rejection. They are scared of the outcome of their proposing. This fact keeps them away from proposing.

What do women lose if they propose?

Considering the fact that men are the ones who are meant to propose, do women have any thing to lose when they propose? Many people would have different answers to these questions. The only thing that would make a woman propose, is a real love for a man she obviously do not want to lose.

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