Herbs for treating Acne

Alternative to the use of medical methods to the treatment of acne, Herbs have proved to be effective for treating Acne. The use of herbs dates back to as long as our memory can carry. Unlike most diseases, the use of herbs does not have much side effect to the body.Herbs can be used to cure acne in two methods:

• Tropically

• Internally

The herbs used tropically are meant for the surface while those used internally are meant to eliminate the cause from inside.The treatment of any disease should be based on the cause of the disease. Lets look at some of the causes of acne.

Causes of Acne

• Excess release of sebum :

The sebaceous glands located at at the hair follicles , releases excess of sebum. This sebum is an oily substance that is used for the lubrication of the skin and hair. Most times, dead skin cells are trapped in subum around the follicle. This will lead to the blockage of the tissues of the skin and will automatically lead to acne.

• Abnormality in Hormones :

It is also said that the abnormality in hormones Causes acne. When there is an imbalance in hormones like testosterone, estrogen, there is a possibility to the growth of acne.

• Stress :

Hormones are secreted more when the body is doing one work or the other. Stress can cause an over production of these hormones which can lead to acne.

• Abnormal function of the liver:

If the liver is not functioning properly there will be lots of excess hormones and toxin left uneliminated in the body. This will definitely lead to Acne.

Some herbs used to treat acne

• Aleo gel –

This is applied tropically, and it contains antibacterials.

• Lavender –

this will aid the healing of the skin tissues

• Tea tree oil –

It is an antiseptic oil and has to be diluted before use. It is also used tropically.

• Milk thistle –

This is used internally for strengthening the liver, and enabling it to function properly.

• Leaves of strawberry –

it be used internally or tropically.

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