Sweaty Palms – Causes and Treatment

Sweaty palm is an abnormality in the human body that affects the palm and causes it to sweat profusely. Medically, sweaty palm is known as Palmar Hyperhidrosis. The human body consists of millions of sweat glands, in which half of it is found in the hands. Sweat is used by the body to control the temperature of the body. It uses evaporation- cooling mechanism to actualize this goal.

Normally, sweat is released by the sweat glands when the following occurs in the body: physical reaction, very high temperature and when one goes through stress. It becomes abnormal when sweat is released on the palm irregularly without these activities coming to play.

One who is affected by palmer hyperhindrosis or sweaty palms will have difficulty to perform his or her daily activities. Things like opening of doors, driving, sports and domestic activities will be difficult to perform. This might be embarrassing in most cases.

Causes of Sweaty Palms

The main cause of sweaty palm is not known, but it have been linked with some occurrences like;

• Overactive sympathetic nervous system:

Due to the over reaction of the nervous system, there is an abnormal release of the adrenaline and an increase in the heart beat rate. This activates the sweat gland to release sweat on the surface of the palms.

• Sympathetic chain activities:

This is a part of the nervous system found in the chest cavity. When there is an activity within this region, sweat is released to the surface of the palms.

Treatment of Sweaty Palms

There is a controversy as to the main treatment or cure for sweaty palms. Since it is psychological problem, sweaty palm can be treated psychologically by controlling the over reaction of the nervous system.

A method know as iontopheresis can also be applied. This is a method by which the palms are induced with electric shocks to reduce sweating.

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