Memory Loss and its Causes

Memory loss is a medical condition that is observed in an individual who has problems in remembering past events or experiences. Another name for this condition is amnesia. Aging is one of the commonly known causes of loss of memory, but there are some other factors that might lead to memory loss which are not common to most people.
The extent at which one is affected by loss of memory depends on the type affecting him or her. Below are the different types of memory loss;

• Transient global amnesia:

This is a temporary loss of memory. Transient global amnesia is common to most people and can only last for few minutes in most cases.

• Anterograde amnesia:

This is the inability of a person to remember recent events within an interval of time. People who are affected by this effect recall events after few minutes depending on the extent of damage. This might reoccur from time to time.

• Retrograde amnesia:

This is a total inability of a person to recall events. Most people who suffer this defect do not recall anything after sometime, because this is a total memory loss.

Causes of memory loss

Alcohol addiction or alcoholism:

People who are under the influence of alcohol always have a loss of memory. This is a temporary case which disappears once the effect of the alcohol is gone.

Brain tumor:

This is a disease that affects the brain. When brain tumor affects an individual, he or she finds it difficult to remember past events or experiences.

Drug abuse:

The effects of drugs results in memory loss. Any individual under the influence of drugs does not remember what happens around him or her.

Some other known causes of memory loss include;

• Dementia
• Flbromyalgia
• Stroke
• Pick disease

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