When the Wrong one loves you Right

What will you do if the wrong one loves you right? This phrase is often used by people but the meaning is not very clear to the mind of many. There are situations in your life when the wrong one loves you right. In this situation, there is always an emotional imbalance and response to this effect. Depending on the kind of individual a person is, there are different reactions to this situation. People that have been in this situation can tell that it is not a very easy one to handle. Since it is an emotional problem, one should be careful in order not to hurt the feelings of another.

There are many scenarios where you can face the situation where the wrong one loves you right. To make this clearer, let’s consider for instance that you are from a particular part of the world and someone from a different culture, religion and life orientation falls deeply in love with you. The first reaction to this is confusion, because it is an emotional reaction.

Ignoring this situation, as many people will do will do more harm than good. There are few things that can help you deal with this. Below are certain things that will help one to figure out a way out of this dilemma.

Few ways to cope


Just like mentioned-above, staying away from a known fact like this will do more harm than good. Confronting the individual will give you a better atmosphere of understanding and handling the situation.

Try not to get emotional

: Getting emotional in situations like this will complicate matters than simplifying it. Many times one does not make clear decisions in an emotional state.

Find out how you feel:

The direction of your own feeling will determine how you are supposed to react. Your decision should be strongly dependent on your feelings.

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