How to Control Excessive Love of Money

Most people do not agree to the old saying which goes that “money is the root of all evil”. The argument of the love of money or how much love one should have for money can never be settled. The contradicting thing about this issue is the fact that, it is so evidently clear to everyone that an individual can not survive without money, yet money is still the source to different damages and problems people experience in the world today.

Before talking about how to control the love of money, the first question that should be asked is; do people need to control their love for money? Most people will not listen to any that has to do with controlling the desire they have to get or acquire more money. It is true that it is very important to acquire as much money as possible, but does this have any effects to the life an individual?

As we all know that too much of anything is bad, or on the other way round excessive of everything is bad. The emotional attachment people have for money has cost them their lives. When one gets emotional with money, it makes him or her device every possible way to reach it.

Ways by which one can limit excessive love of money

Be contended with your achievements:

Most people work very hard but are still not contended with what they have achieved or the amount of money their efforts yielded for them. This attitude will make one be controlled by the love of money.

Know that you can not have it all:

No one on earth can ever make money to a point of satisfaction. This should be a point to make an individual control his or her ability to love money. This is because no matter you make, you will still desire to make more.

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