Signs of Affection From Women

Women are known to be the most affectionate people on earth, but this fact does not mean that they display affection easily. The mentality of most women about affection is very straight and defined. The concept of affection in the mind of a woman does not have any limitations, once a woman shows signs of affection for someone or for something; she exhibits it with everything she has in her.

In some cases it might be difficult for one to notice affection from a woman. This is because of the fact that most women feel that if they show any affection sign to a man, he might take her for granted and will not regard her with respect. For some men, who do not have the ability to see or notice these signs, confusion about her feelings may arise.

Signs Women Show to Display Affection

Eye to eye Contact
Normally, women find it difficult to make eye to eye contact with a man. If a woman establishes a longtime eye to eye contact with a man, it is a sign of affection from her. This characteristic is a sure way to know if a woman has affection for you. Note that this act of hers has to be an involuntary act before confirmation.

Attitude of Uneasiness or Anxiety
Some women do not feel comfortable with a man to which they feel attracted. There is always this feeling of uneasiness that overwhelms a woman’s attitude when she is around a man she likes.

She is Associating with You
Signs of affection can also be seen in a woman who always wants to associate with a particular man. This attitude is shown because of the boiling desire of a woman to show how much she cares for a man at the slightest opportunity.

Any of the above signs could be helpful, but are certainly not set in stone. Every woman shows affection differently and confusing this affection could be detrimental to a relationship that is strictly plutonic.

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