Work Place Harassment – Who is Affected More?

Who is affected more in work place harassment scenarios; is it the male or female employees? The issue of people experiencing harassment in their work places has been in existence for a long time now. In mentioning this kind of topic, most people’s mind thinks that the female employees are affected the most. Does this mean that their male counterpart do not have a significant experience when it comes to this situation?

There are many types of harassment that can be experienced in a work place. The most occurring one is sexual harassment. If one looks deep in different sectors or fields of many specializations, there is always a scenario where an employee is harassed sexually, but the question here is; are the male employees affected more by this situation than the female?

Evaluation of sexual harassment on the female employees

The extent at which women experience sexual harassment within their workplaces today is on the increase. Most times, it is impossible for a female employee especially if she is beautiful, to stay free of a male boss’s approach. Although there are bosses who can control the animal in them, but most times this is always the case.

There have being reported cases where women have to sleep with their boss to gain a favor or to even get a job at the first place. In some cases these women are forced or treated against their wishes.

Evaluation of sexual harassment on male employees

This is not heard more often in our societies, but this does not mean that it does not happen. The truth is that male employee experiences as much harassment as the female employee from their female superiors, or sometimes from their male bosses. The only difference here is the fact that the male personality is more confined than that of the female.

These superiors sometimes threaten their employees with sack letters and some other things that might frighten these employees to succumb to their selfish desire. The knowledge about harassment in the work place should be encouraged to limit the continuation of this incident.

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