Religious view on abortion

The practice of abortion has been legalized in most part of the world today. There have been contradictions between the religious view on abortion and the scientifically view. While science does not give more attributes to the life of a fetus in the stomach, religion believe that there is life even in conception. This controversy has brought a little confusion to the mind of many who are not strongly rooted in either religion or scientifically believes.

People mostly talk about the religious view on abortion because there have been so much effort put into this the movement for the stop of abortion by many religion especially the Christians. Most churches have spent time and money promoting the campaign against abortion and its practice. The only question now is; how is this contradictions and awareness influencing the society at large.

An over view on abortion

Abortion is the forceful removal of a fetus from the stomach of his or her mother. Biologically it has been proved that at this stage there are living characteristics exhibited by this fetus. Characteristics of feeding, movement and growth are exhibited by this creature. On the cause of abortion, this fetus is ejected forcefully by different processes and types of abortion, the most familiar one being the tube method.

Why is religion against abortion?

Most religious practices forbid taking the life of an individual, and the knowing through the study and research about fetus, the act of abortion is regarded as taking the life of an individual. This is why most religion abstains from the practice of abortion.

There is a real motion to the religions view about abortion, and the campaign is stronger than ever. It is advised that before one indulges in the practices of abortion, he or she should take a minute to think and ask questions like; what if am the little innocent fetus about to be aborted?

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