Love Competition – Who is Affected the Most?

It has almost become a regular scenario for one to encounter situations where there is competition involved in love. Love competition is experienced daily in our societies, this makes people wonder if the love of this generation can be considered as true love.

The experiences of true love are normally encountered due to the fact that people no longer have selfless love for an individual. Love is now based on one material thing or the other. This attitude make people search for places where they can get the best reward of love.

The news and most reports heard daily about people’s love life shows that, most people are no longer interested in the true and divine affection which love offers. Everyone is now comparing the rewards and the benefits he or she can get from a particular love. Imagine a scenario where a lady or a woman, as the case may be, compares the attributes of different men to decide which one she is going to consider as a date or husband. This is without the consideration of the real love and affection any of the men has for her.

There are reports that different men show off their wealth and glamor in the quest of getting the love of a woman. In reciprocal, the women contrast between the men to decide who to fall in love with. These competitive situations have turned love into a game and no more a practice.

Who get hurt in love competition?

The effects of love competitions are disastrous. There is no limit to the damage done by this act. The truth is that every party involved in love competition is affected in one way or the other. The deeper people go in competitive love, the deeper the effects of its hazards.

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