Causes of Weakness in Relationships

Relationships always pose a challenge to couples. This is due to the differences that exist between the two parties involved a relationship. If care is not taken to ensure that these differences are stabilized, weakness in relationship is bound to be experienced.

The building and strength of a relationship depends on the how issues are handled by the couples involved. There are basic factor which causes weakness in relationships, and unless this factors are bridged there will be limitations in a relationship.

Factors that can cause weakness in relationships

Lack of communication between the couple:

The act of communication in a relationship strengthens the bond between the couple involved. Through the means of communication, the possibility of misunderstanding can be limited. This is because the thoughts and feelings can be poured out and sheared among couples through communication.

Unfaithful attitude:

The signs of weakness can strongly be exhibited through the act of unfaithfulness among couples in a relationship. There will be a reduction in the feeling and affections shown to one another if any of the couple indulges in acts of infidelity. Affections and care will be limited because of guilt in the minds of the person involved.

Secrets among the couples:

If couples in a relationship keep secret among them, there are possibilities that there will be weakness in their relationship. This attitude is dangerous because couples will make efforts to protect these secrets which might cause limitation in affection and care for the other party.

Lack of trust among the couples:

If there is no trust among couples, it could case great weakness among couples and possibly a crack in the relationship. Two people in a relationship should have trust among them for them build a strong union among them. Unnecessary insinuation in a relationship will cause problems among couples.

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