Negative Effects of Dominance in a Relationship

Dominance in a relationship might have a negative effect in a relationship. The issues of a partner dominating the other partner in a relation have been described as a very wrong approach to the survival and the success of that particular relationship. There is a probability that a relation facing dominance from a particular partner will hit the rock.

A relationship should be based on a mutual consent of the individuals involved. The real look into the meaning of a relationship is equality. Finding equilibrium to the associations and actions of people in a relationship will provide a definite path to the actualization of a true relationship.

There are different attitudes which can be considered as dominance in a relationship. These attitudes might be said to be based on selfish approaches to a particular relationship. It is true that some people are dominating in nature, but the advice is; there should be a limit to your personal attitude towards a relationship.

Knowing that a relationship is based on the consent of two people in a relationship, it is necessary for individuals in a relationship to form the attitude of seeking each others consent in any situation that affects their relationship. Some attitudes of domination in a relationship include; insisting in a personal opinion about certain issues. Another notable form of dominance in a relationship is an attitude of relating to your partner in an insignificant way.

Few effects of domination in a relationship

• A partner dominating in a relationship will cause the other partner to feel inferior and to also lack confidence in his or her self.

• This attitude causes lack of respect for partners in a relationship. The way a partner acts in a relationship either gives respect to his or partner or takes it away from him or her.

• This situation can also give rise to misunderstanding among couples. This will lead to a total break down to their relationship.

• There will be no transparency in a relationship if one partner forms the habit of dominating in different situations. This is because there will be difficulty for them to shear issues among themselves.

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