The Influence of Computer Age

The impacts of the computer age are felt in every part of the human existence. There have been devise of changes that is seen in the world today since the encroachment of this age. Some aspects of our lives have been affected both positively and negatively. In every step the world make towards the advancement of science and technology, impacts are being felt both in its merits and its demerits.

Since the 20th century the world has moved from a manual world to a computerized world, where every thing is controlled in a mechanized and computerized manner. To most people this is a great advancement in the sense that life is easier and it now takes little time to accomplish very difficult task; but is this really all good to the existence of life?

Negative effects of the computer age

The most talked about negative influence of the computer age is the global warming. Due to advancement in the field of industrialization, the world is experiencing this effect of global warming. Scientists are still considering the effects and there is fear that in time to come there will be nothing existing on earth. Now considering this factor can one totally say that the advancement of this age is all positive to the existence of life?

The attitude and character of the children of this age have been influenced so badly that most kids live an unimaginable life. This will definitely not help the growth and advancement of the world.
The computer age also holds a challenge of putting efforts towards a realization of a better and stable world for the children of the next generation. It is expected area of our modern life should be evaluated to find an equilibrium to the actualization of the world we desire.

Some factors that can help check the negative effects of the computer age

People should posses a love for nature:

The love of nature will go a long way to ensure that people conserve their environment. This will help preserve the natural nature of the earth.

Children should be cultured in the right and proper manner:

Culturing the children n a right and proper manner will help the children limit their attitude towards a careless and carefree life.

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