Psychological Approach to a Christian Life

There are many contradictions to the way different people see the approach to a Christian life. Every Christian has his or her perspective on how he or she should live his or her; this depends on life depending on orientation. Even among fellow Christians, it has been an argumentative issue on the specified way a Christian should live his or her live.

There are different factors that influence the way a Christian views the issue of approach to a Christian life. Some of these influences are based on environmental factor and the guidance an individual receives especially when he or she is growing up.

Some factors that can affect the way people view a Christian life

Personal interpretation of the scriptures:

Due to human standards, there exists different understanding and interpretation of the scriptures. This is one of the major factors that affect or influence the mentality of people towards approaching how a Christian should live his or her life. It is not a surprise that people interpret a particular portion of the scripture differently. When two people read a portion of the scripture they understand it differently. This might be caused by the following reasons;

Few Reasons why people misunderstand the scripture

• Limitation due to educational back ground can limit a person’s ability into understanding the real meaning of what he or she reads from the scripture.

• Diversities of teaches is another factor which limits a true understanding of the scripture. When an individual hears or receives divers of teaches about a particular scriptural portion, it becomes very difficult to choose what to believe.

• Cultural background is still another factor which makes people misunderstand the writing of the scripture. People from different culture and background have different understanding to different saying in the scriptures.

• Personal misconception is yet another reason why people do not understand the words of the scripture. Most people have already decided in their mind on what to believe even before reading the scriptures. This brings a total misconception in the mind of a particular individual.

The advancement science and technology:

science and technology have grown in a way that the perspective people view how a Christian should live his or her live is different from what it should be. Scientists and researchers have influenced the mind of people by bringing up theories which tends to modify peoples approach towards their Christian believe.

For example the mode of dressing now in most Christians have changed because the modern approach designed by modern technology. In the most part of the world it is considered as improper for Christians exposing parts of their body, while it is also considered normal or style in vouch in other parts of the world.

Orientation and the environment of a Christian:

The orientation of a Christian includes the manner at which a Christian is raised from childhood. This affects the mentality of a Christian and the way he sees things. The approaches towards Christianity have a significant impact in a Christian’s life and attitude towards life.

A tip on the ideal life of a Christian

The simple meaning of Christianity is followers of Christ. In a quest to understating the way of a Christian, it is expected that a Christian imitates the life and characters of Christ. This approach will ensure that a Christian is not mislead by different teaches and influences that might affect his or her way of life.

The search for a Christian’s life begins with a total understanding of the ways and desire of Christ who is the foundation of all Christian life.

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