The Consequences of Blind Dating

The concept behind blind dating is based on experimentation of love and affection between a man and a woman who have not met each other for the first time. Some people believe that love can be more interesting when two people come together knowing each other for the first time. There have been some positive results that emerged from blind but most blind dates do not turn out in the right direction.

Some reasons why blind dates do not work out

Lack of acquaintance between the people on date:

There is little or no knowledge of partners involved in blind dates. This is a major factor that causes failure to many blind dates. Due to this fact, many blind dates lack the ability to stand the test of time.

High expectations:

Sometimes, there is high expectation in the mind of people who arrange blind dates. Some people want to meet a specific type of person who is tall, handsome, beautiful, funny etc. When the expectations are not met by the individual in question, there is always a feeling of disappointment.

Lack of trust:

Couples in a blind date do not posses enough trust for the partner. This attitude is a limitation for the establishment of understanding between them. This will also lead to the both parties conserving their words and not exhibition their true nature.

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