The Evaluation of Faith and Religion

Religion they say is a practice of faith. Faith and religion have always been an issue to plunder on for many people. For one to be deeply rooted in any religious practice, he or she has to have an unshackling faith in that particular religion. Religion is said to be built on faith because, most of the practices involved in every religion were long established before the birth of any body alive today. It is only faith that makes one hold on to his or he believes for a particular religion.

The basic concept of faith

To understand the synchronization between faith and religion, let us evaluate the concept of faith. Many people have contradicted the meaning of faith; this is because of the perception which is developing daily in mankind. It will be inappropriate to say that a particular conception or believe of some people about faith is wrong, but we still have to know that faith is rooted under one human attribute. This common attribute in which faith is based on can be described as ‘giving in totally’.

By this term, faith can be understood to be the wiliness of an individual to accept, believe, and whole hear-ted trust in a particular thing or person. If there is faith in an individual, there is no holding back, he or she gives every thing.

Little evaluation on religion and faith

Religion is a practice of a set of people. The different practices of religion we have today are based on one event or the other. People follow a particular religion because of their personal reasons. One thing that might make sense in the evaluation of religion and relating it to faith is the fact that most people practice a particular religion because they were born in to it. This means that most times religion is not a personal decision; people belong to a particular religion because of cultural and family background.

The interesting thing about faith and religion is; inasmuch that most people did not have any opportunity to decide which religion to practice, they do not even know how the true the story about their religion is, but they will give their life believing in that particular religion.

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