Tips on how to overcome Examination Fear

As it said; there is no trophy without test. Examination should be seen as a period of promotion and not feared. Examination fear is common among most people in our society today. The one mistake made by these set of people is generated by their willingness to give in to this effect. Examination fear is a psychological effect which gets hold of the emotions of an individual. This causes an emotional instability which puts an individual in an uncomfortable state within this period.
One has to be careful so that he or she is not affected psychologically when it comes to any examination, once one is affected psychologically; there is always an overwhelming factor that engulfs his or her mind. This makes it difficult to concentrate and also it affects the memory of an individual. Below are some reasons why a person is affected by fear of examination;

Some reason that can make one develop fear of examination

Lack of preparation:

This is the first and the most dangerous factors that can cause fear of examination. When one is not prepared for an exam, it will be difficult to gain an emotional stability. The mind searches for answers to different questions that do not exist.

Lack of courage:

Courage they say is not the lack of fear but acting in spite of fear. When an individual lacks courage in approaching exams, it will develop to a deep fear which keeps the mind unstable.

Lack of self confidence:

Some people prepare well for an exam, but they lack the self confidence to back up there preparation. This set of people normally freak out inside the exam hall, because with this attitude they will have nothing in their memory.

Mind control:

Examination fear can also be a result of the inability of an individual to control his or her mind. The mind is known to be a searching machine, once a person fails to control his or her mind, it wonders about unnecessary situations. This can generate the fear of examination in an individual.

Intention to cheat:

Having the intention to cheat in an examination brings a total instability of emotions in a person. This is as a result of fear of being caught in the act. Once there is a battle within an individual, there is tendency that he or she will not have a conducive atmosphere for the exam.

Hatred for a course or subject to be written:

When an individual hates a specific course or subject which he or she is preparing to write exams on; it generates lack of interest. This will result in fear before the examination, which is due to shabby preparation for the exams.

Knowing some of the factors or reasons that might lead to fear in examination, we can now explore in some of the possible ways to handle this situation or even avoid it totally.

Some of the fundamental ways to overcome examination fear
Gain control over your emotions: In overcoming examination fear, it is important to know this; fear is an emotional attribute which takes control of the mind of an individual only if he or she allows it. To handle or avoid examination fear, one has to make sure that his or her emotions are put to rest. Gaining control over your emotions will strengthen your ability to do well in an exam.

Prepare well for an exam:

This is a very common thing that every body should know. Good preparation for an exam will give an individual motivating to write any examination.

Believe in your self:

After an excellent preparation for an exam, it is necessary for an individual to have a strong and positive believe within him or her for a good and excellent performance. The act of fear will disappear and courage will overwhelm your heart when you believe in your self.

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