Detecting a Suspicious Behavior in an Individual

Behavior is an internal attribute of a human being. The character and behavior of a person is a product of what he or she feels from the inside. Humanly, it might not be very easy to detect suspicious behavior from an individual but with a psychological approach the character of an individual, one can find traces of suspicious behavior in him or her.

Evaluation of the psychology behind human reaction

In evaluating the psychology in the behavior of an individual, one can understand that the thoughts of the mind are reflected by the gesture of an individual. How does this happen? The brain is the center of the nervous system; it controls the feeling and the reactions of an individual to different situations. Before any part of the human body reacts in actions to an external body, the brain has to send signals to the body in order to get ready and react to this particular situation.

The behavior of a person is monitored and controlled by the brain. Remember that before any behavior is exhibited by individual, involuntary signals are set up by the brain to the entire body. This means that even before the exhibition of a particular gesture the body has already reacted to it in order to enable the body fits in to that particular gesture.

How does this relate to detecting a suspicious act?

From the above description; we now know that what is exhibited in the form of character or behavior is a secondary aspect of what is felt inside. This means that a human being might have the power to control his actions and behavior in deception but he or she does not have the ability to control the natural impulses sent to the brain in an instance.

To detect a suspicious behavior, it expected of an individual to concentrate more on the reactions of the natural impulses felt by a person rather than on his external actions. This is because it is possible that the outward character might be deceiving but the internal impulse is natural and involuntary.

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