How to Handle a Suspicious Wife

Handling a suspicious wife is one of the greatest challenges a man can face in a marriage. A couple that suspects each other is bound to lose love and affection for each other. There is no way two people can live together in harmony as husband and wife under the same roof with a suspicious attitude. It might hold on for a while but it will soon crack and break into a fight or divorces. A suspicious wife has a dangerous effect to the unity and growth of a family.

One basic thing to bear in mind in an attempt to control or handle this situation is; every effort made in this quest must be channeled to the emotions of your wife. Suspicious attitude in a wife can only be handled a man’s ability to break into the emotions of his wife to correct an existing impression she might have about him.

What can make a woman suspicious of her husband?

Natural character of a woman:

This might be surprising to hear but it is true; some women have a natural character of suspecting their men. For these women, this is an inborn attribute.

Past experiences of a woman:

The experiences of a woman from her past might cause her to suspect her husband. These experiences might be from her family background where her father cheats on her mother, or from her past relationships which did not turn out well. Any these can cause a woman to suspect her husband.

Signs of infidelity from a husband:

When a wife starts noticing some signs of infidelity from the husband, she automatically activates a suspicious attitude towards him.

It is important to emphasis that suspicious act in the family is dangerous and should be eradicated immediately to avoid causing harm to the unity of the family.

Few ways to handle suspicious act from your wife

Gently confront her:

Face to face confrontation of between a husband and a wife concerning suspicious issues will go a long way to install trust in their mind once more. Remain her of the consequences of her attitude to the growth of the family.

Give her reasons through your attitude why she should not suspect you:

Actions they say speaks louder than voice. If a husband truly desires to handle the suspicious attitude of his wife, he should try to show her through his character signs to believe in him.

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