Developing a Better Retentive Memory

To understand the concept of developing a better retentive memory, we first have to understand the functionality of the brain. The brain of an individual works as a machine; the higher the work load, the lower its efficiency. In this generation, where there is a high demand for man power, it is very important for an individual to establish equilibrium between his or her efficiency and also maintain high working standards. Achieving this will give one a higher ability to get things done and also articulate a good planning and organizing process. This will also make a difference between an individual and his competitors, and give him/her an edge over them.

It takes time and dedication to achieve a more efficient brain and better memory, but with the right efforts channeled to the right attributes in a person’s life, it can be done. There are some factors that have to be put in place before this can be fruitful. In building a good retentive memory, one has to concentrate on the following factors of his/her life:

Factors an individual has to work on to improve efficiency of his memory:

Diet and nutrition:
The brain works better with the right nutrition and food. Food serves as fuel to the body. Just as an engine needs fuel to function, the brain’s functionality depends on nutrition and good diet. When the brain does not get the appropriate food or nutrition, the brain has difficulty coordination brain activity.

Dehydration is a factor that causes malfunctioning of the brain. It is known that a large proportion of the brain is made up of water. When there is less water in the brain due to dehydration, the functionality of the brain is affected and its ability to retain memories is also limited.

Daily exercising:
With daily exercise, the brain is in a more stable condition to function properly and efficiently. Exercises like running, walking, etc. are advised for the proper functioning of the brain.

The practice of meditation:
Practicing meditation helps to refresh the brain and keep it in the right state to function efficiently. Practicing meditation is an activity of the mind, which finds a way to synchronize the activities of the mind to a relaxing condition or state.

Quality sleep:
Every machine requires rest. The brain is no exception to this rule. For better functioning of the brain and ability to hold and retain memories, the brain needs proper rest. People should try to take some time out of their daily activities in order to give their brains total rest.

Avoid unnecessary complications in life:
Most people today complicate their lives by indulging in too many activities that the brain cannot handle. The more an individual’s activity is complicated, the more the brain functions in a damaging capacity. A simplified life is advised for a higher ability for the brain to retain memories.

Factors that inhibit the brain’s ability to retain memories
Listed below are factors that can naturally reduce the ability of the brain to retain memories. If you are trying to increase your brain’s efficiency and ability to retain memories, you should avoid these factors.

Intake of alcohol and drugs:
If an individual indulges in the intake of alcohol or drugs, the ability of the brain to retain memories will be drastically affected. The more one indulges in this attitude, the more the cells of the brain are damaged, decreasing the retentive power of the brain.

Old age:
As one grows old, the ability of the brain to retain memory gradually reduces. This is a natural occurrence that happens due to the weakness of most cells in the brain responsible for brain functionality.

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