How can you cope with Pre Marriage troubles?

The period before marriage can be said to be the most difficult time in the life of couples. This period is also known as pre marriage period, brings lots of questions to the mind of couples. These questions need to be answered with confidence before marriage can take place. Things might be going well during the time of courtship, but when it come to the point of marriage, there seem to be a little pause and questioning in the mind of couples.

There are cases where couples tend to break up after a good relationship just at the sight of proposal or a possibility of marriage. This is as a result of their lack of ability to face trouble times faced during the period of pre marriage. Let’s consider the possible troubles and questions that a couple might face before they get married;

Possible troubles faced before marriage and how to face them

Am I ready? :

This is a common question people ask just before their marriage. One might be longing to and hoping to get married, but once there is a signal and a possibility of marriage, in shock, there will be a little break of uncertainty. The ability to get through this moment empowers one in his or her wedding.

To handle this, one has to be calm and consider the real feelings and maturity that he or she posses at this moment. The gravity of maturity and feeling a person has at this moment is the only way to know if he or she is ready for marriage. Remember that these two quantities have to be in place before one can answer this question.

Am I truly in love with him or her? :

Within the period pre marriage, couples search their heart to find out if they are truly in love. During the time of relationship or dating, this question is not given a high priority, but once dating or relationship is turning to marriage, people starts searching their consciences to find out how much love they have for each other.

To handle this question requires a sincerity of heart from an individual. Love is an inward feeling which can be seen in an outward gesture. Falling in love demands passion and emotional attraction from both partners. For one to certify love for an individual, he or she has to totally devote time to make this known. One thing a person has to know about the reality of love is; love goes beyond the physical approach and gesture shown by an individual. It has to be a mutual feeling between two people before it can be said to be love.

Is he or she the right person for me? :

This is another question that makes people scared at the point of marriage. People always feel that there is that one person made for him or her, so they start asking questions if who they have is the right person for them.

Handling this situation might be complex for some individual and also simple for others. This is because; the mentality of a person determines what he or she believes and also how he sees issues. If two people truly love each other, posses the maturity to handle the differences experienced in a marriage, and also have a good chemistry between them; I believe they are right to get married to each other.

What to seriously consider during your pre marital period

Your maturity:

Marriage requires lots of maturity for it to be a success. Before marriage an individual should consider his or her level of maturity. It is only maturity that can help one manage the differences that comes between a husband and a wife.

Your commitment level:

Marriage requires so much commitment. If your commitment level is not convincing to you, then you should not get married.

How much you are willing to sacrifice:

The process of marriage is all about sacrifice. One should consider the extent he or she can go in terms of sacrifice before going in for marriage.

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