Are women better Drivers than Men?

There have been arguments in recent days that women are better drivers when compared to the men. If one wants to consider this, it will be better to look in to most attributes of driving in both men and in women. Good driving requires most characters that have to deal with concentration and focus. For one to say that women are better drivers when compared to the men, we might need to consider the concentration and the focusing ability of the man and the woman.

Concentration and focusing ability in both men and women

Concentration and focus in a human being is a part of his or her psychological or emotional attribute. When one is affected in any of the above mentioned attributes, it affects his or her concentration and focusing ability. The big question now is; are men’s emotion affected more easily when compare to the women?

Naturally women are known to be more emotionally affected than the men. They have very unstable emotions, which makes them feel more impact of situations more than the men. This attitude of the women does not correspond to what a good driver should be.

The qualities that makes a good driver

• Ability to stand pressure and stress

• Ability to remain focus and concentrate

• Good stability of emotions

• Ability to handle accidental situations

• Good observation quality

The above mention qualities are the basic qualities need by a person to be a good driver. Going through these qualities one after the other, one can find out that women have a low ability in the stated qualities.

Factors that can make a woman a bad driver

• Women freak out easily when met with difficult situation

• Women are have a very unstable emotion

• It is in the nature of a woman to be soft and gentle, which
makes them lack the ability to be tough when necessary

• Most women are easily distracted to external situations which can make them lose focus

Although some women can still posses the good qualities of a good driver, it might be appropriate to generalize the fact that women are better drivers than the men.

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