How to Identify Promiscuous Men

Promiscuity in men has become reoccurring situation seen among men in our society today. The rate at which men involve in casual relationship is at the alarming rate. Gone are the days where promiscuous men where seen among men of lower integrity, today, men of very high positions in our society are more involved in this attitude.

One can ask, why is this situation growing daily in our society; is it that the women are so easy to get these days or is there any factor related to the men that makes them involve in this attitude?
For one to identify promiscuous men, he or she has to consider qualities in men which are unusual to the normal proper life of a man.

One can suspect a sign of promiscuity in men mostly when a man’s behavior starts changing negatively or becomes unstable in one way or the other. Outlined below are some possible factors that might help one to identify a promiscuous man;

Factors that can help one easily identify a promiscuous man

Eye contact with women:

Promiscuous men have a way of establishing eye contact with women, who they consider as prey. It is always casual and attracting. Men who are promiscuous do not have any real intention for any woman they meet. This is why eye contact for them has to reveal to a woman the urgent need to satisfy their desire.

Lustful Staring at the body of a woman:

Due to a strong desire to satisfy their desire, most men who are promiscuous can not help their attitude of staring at the body of a woman. This attitude is common for these set of men, because they can only long for they see and not what they feel.

Ability to dump women:

Men who are promiscuous always find a way to dump a particular woman for another one. Once he satisfies his desire, the next thing is to look for another person. Most men who are promiscuous are never for a strong and long relationship.

One thing to bear in mind in identifying a promiscuous man is his ability to be casual to relationships. He can not be committed to one woman because of this attitude.

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